How to Record and Edit Cinematic Travel Videos for Beginners – 2024 Guide

How to Record and Edit Cinematic Travel Videos for Beginners - 2024 Guide

The traveling industry is among the most lucrative ones out there. Just think about it: millions of people from all over the globe travel to a foreign country every year.

So, it is natural to presume that being able to penetrate the industry and provide fresh perspectives is likely to bear fruit. With that in mind, nobody should be surprised by the countless traveling pieces of content being present on practically all social media platforms.

Since the traveling industry is, let us say, a strictly visual industry, it must be said that providing video content will make a world of difference for those who are interested in consuming that form of content.

Plus, we would like to say that textual content, like blogs, was quite popular back in the day. However, consumers’ interest has shifted, and videos are now the primary element in this industry.

Therefore, those who are interested in creating that sort of content should be equipped with a string of skills that will help them make their content one-of-a-kind and, of course, of high quality. If you want to do so, you should pay attention to platforms like Adobe Express.

Today, we would like to provide you with an insight into how you should record and edit cinematic travel videos from the beginner’s perspective.

Creating the Narrative

Creating the Narrative

People love a good story. If you take a look at most marketer professionals and their opinions, each one will tell you just how crucial creating the story is. Stories are what make the world go around.

So, nobody should be surprised why it is such an important factor in marketing. At the same time, creating video content heavily relies on creating a narrative about the subject and adding something unique to it.

It must be said that the process of making a travel video will start before you actually start filming the content. It would be best if you thought about the story long before you pressed the record button.

But when you actually start filming, be sure to include some emotions in the story. Emotions are among the main triggers in the marketing industry. Numerous experts have expressed their opinions on it in the last couple of decades.

But what kind of story can you tell? Well, this is something that will depend on a wide array of different factors, not just your preferences. For instance, local cuisine can help add some much-needed spice to the video.

Everybody loves a good lunch, right? Another factor would be talking with the locals about how they see life in their country, and who knows, they may tell you something that will make your video even more interesting than it already is.

Focus on Shoots

Focus on Shoots

Just filming is never going to be enough. There are countless people from all over the globe who are doing the same thing as you. Therefore, there is nothing that can guarantee you success if you do not add something consumers cannot find in other cases.

With that in mind, it is important to take each of your shoots as patient and smart as possible. By doing so, you can include a game-changer in your video. There are countless options you can use, really. However, we would like to point out again that a lot will depend on the conditions of the place you’re visiting.

Consider exploring the best resorts in the Virgin Islands, where the stunning tropical landscapes and luxurious amenities can provide a captivating backdrop for your travel videos.

A good example of that is finding a scenery where you can make a lasting shot that can serve either as an ending or the beginning of the video, accompanied by some appropriate music, of course. Music triggers emotions, as well as a great shot.


Travel Videos Editing

When it comes to editing, thinking about the structure is what makes a good video and separates it from average ones. Building a structure is not an easy task, and you would need to master the craft of editing since this is quite complex.

Just adding one scene to another doesn’t mean that your video will have the necessary quality. Instead, it is important to combine different scenes and make them flow well.

Therefore, you need to find a way to add different scenes near one another and be able to make them fit the story you thought about. Once again, we want to emphasize the importance of careful planning before you start filming.

Doing so will allow you to preserve as much of your time as possible. Otherwise, the amount of time you would waste is nothing short of exceptional. Paying attention to this requires the most patience.

Besides basic editing, you need to pay attention to many other things, like camera motion. We can find countless videos online explaining how you can make the most out of camera motion. Besides that, adding your voiceover to the video also requires a bit of patience and skill. It is not just about adding a voiceover. You will need to do some mixing and mastering over the vocals before you actually add it.

Proper Equipment

Proper Equipment

Last but not least, we want to discuss the importance of obtaining proper equipment. Proper equipment is an irreplaceable factor. You cannot do anything without it.

Sure, there are numerous cheaper options you can find on the market. We want to point out the importance of finding the gear that will be able to follow all the decisions you make while writing a scenario or recording.

Furthermore, it must be said that quality equipment doesn’t come at a low price. Depending on your needs, you might need to break the bank at one point. However, we want to point out that you should perceive it as an investment more than anything else. There are numerous videos you are about to create and edit using it. So, it is surely something you can expect a massive return from.


As you can see, recording and editing cinematic travel videos is never easy, especially for beginners. It would be best if you thought about numerous factors. Here, you can find the most important ones that will make this process as straightforward as possible for you.