10 Best Northern Mariana Islands Resorts 2023 – Unwind in Style

Northern mariana islands resorts

As someone who’s spent the better part of my life in the hospitality industry, I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing some truly spectacular resorts around the world. But none is quite as enchanting as the hidden gems of the Northern Mariana Islands. I remember my first visit two decades ago when I was nothing but a junior staffer in a small resort. Even then, the islands’ charm was unmistakable.

The Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. commonwealth in the Pacific Ocean, may be a lesser-known destination, but it’s a treasure trove of tropical wonders, unique cultures, and, most importantly, stunning resorts that cater to all tastes and budgets. After countless visits and endless hours spent walking on their white sandy beaches, I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 resorts. Let me walk you through these remarkable abodes of serenity and luxury.

1. Hyatt Regency Saipan

In the heart of the bustling Garapan, the capital of Saipan, you’ll find the Hyatt Regency – a resort that combines luxury with a deep sense of local culture. Spanning over 14 acres of lush tropical gardens, the resort offers sweeping views of the beautiful Micro Beach.

The resort features 317 rooms and suites, each elegantly furnished with a touch of Micronesian art. Whether it’s enjoying a world-class spa treatment or dining at one of their gourmet restaurants, you’ll experience the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication at Hyatt Regency Saipan.


  • Presidential Suite: Overlooking the lush gardens and the azure ocean, this suite offers a lavish stay with a separate living room, dining area, and a king-size bedroom. The private balcony is the perfect spot for a tranquil morning coffee or an evening sunset.

2. Fiesta Resort & Spa Saipan

Another Garapan jewel, the Fiesta Resort & Spa Saipan, is designed to provide a vibrant yet relaxing experience. With its beachfront location, it offers stunning vistas of the shimmering Saipan Lagoon and the vast Pacific.

Fiesta Resort’s rooms are tastefully designed with modern amenities, and their beach and pool facilities are simply top-notch. The resort’s SPA is a standout, offering traditional Chamorro healing techniques that soothe your mind and body.


  • Ocean Front Suite: Offering breathtaking views of the Saipan Lagoon, this suite features a spacious living area, a king bedroom, and a private balcony to soak up the tropical vibes.

3. Pacific Islands Club Saipan

If you’re seeking a resort that offers an unbeatable blend of fun and relaxation, then Pacific Islands Club Saipan should be your pick. This beachfront property has a sprawling water park on-site that’s a hit among families and kids.

However, PIC Saipan isn’t just about family fun. It also offers quiet relaxation in its comfortable rooms, and the beachfront bars are a fantastic spot to enjoy the sunset while sipping on a tropical cocktail.


  • Beachfront Bliss Room: Perfect for families, this room features two double beds and a private balcony with direct views of the stunning Micro Beach.

4. Mariana Resort & Spa

Nestled in a secluded area of Saipan, the Mariana Resort & Spa is known for its expansive grounds that feature a golf course, a botanical garden, and a wildlife park. It’s a paradise for nature lovers.

The rooms and villies at Mariana Resort are designed with a blend of Western and Asian styles. The on-site restaurants offer a gastronomic journey from local Chamorro cuisine to international dishes, all made from the freshest ingredients.


  • Royal Villa: This luxury accommodation comes with its own private pool, two bedrooms, and a spacious living area. The Villa is designed with traditional Asian decor, creating a serene environment.

5. Kensington Hotel Saipan

Kensington Hotel Saipan

Located in San Roque, the Kensington Hotel Saipan offers an exceptional stay with views of the Marianas Trench, the deepest part of the world’s oceans. It is a spectacle to behold.

Apart from the stunning views, Kensington Hotel has a variety of luxury suites and villas, each equipped with modern amenities. The hotel also offers a range of Korean, Chinese, and Western dining options to delight your palate.


  • Royal Suite: Providing panoramic views of the Marianas Trench, this suite features a separate living room, a king-size bedroom, and a private balcony. The suite also comes with exclusive access to the Executive Lounge.

6. Kanoa Resort Saipan

Kanoa resort saipan

A casual yet modern resort, Kanoa Resort in Saipan’s Susupe area is a haven for those seeking leisure and adventure. With its prime beachfront location, you can dive into water activities or simply soak up the sun.

  • Kanoa Resort is renowned for its outstanding service and comfort. Its rooms offer a blend of tropical design and modern amenities, perfect for a relaxing vacation. Their restaurant, Isla Café, is famous for its buffet featuring a variety of local and international dishes.


  • Ocean Front Room: This room provides unobstructed views of the beach and the ocean. Featuring two queen beds and a private balcony, it’s perfect for a family vacation.

7. Aquarius Beach Tower

Aquarius Beach Tower, located on Chalan Kanoa’s Sugar Dock Beach, offers spacious apartment-style suites with fully equipped kitchens. Its prime beachfront location makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a self-catering beach holiday.

Each suite in Aquarius Beach Tower provides stunning ocean views. Whether you’re a solo traveler or a family on vacation, this resort offers the comfort of home with the luxury of a beach resort.


  • Three-Bedroom Beach Front Suite: Ideal for large families or groups, this suite features a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living area, and a private balcony that provides stunning ocean views.

8. Coral Ocean Golf Resort

If you’re a golf enthusiast, then the Coral Ocean Golf Resort in Saipan is your paradise. This resort features a world-class 18-hole golf course designed by the renowned Larry Nelson.

The resort’s rooms overlook the spectacular golf course and the endless blue of the Pacific Ocean. After a day on the green, you can relax at their signature restaurant that offers local and international gourmet dishes.


  • Ocean View Suite: This suite overlooks the stunning golf course and the vast Pacific Ocean. It features a king-size bedroom, a spacious living area, and a balcony from where you can enjoy the serene views.

9. Heaven II Resort

Heaven II Resort

Situated in San Antonio, Heaven II Resort provides a tranquil environment away from the bustling tourist areas. The resort’s architecture and design are heavily inspired by Chamorro culture, offering a unique, authentic experience.

Heaven II Resort offers rooms that are spacious and comfortable, each equipped with a mini kitchen for a more homely experience. The resort’s location also provides easy access to Saipan’s major attractions.


  • Ocean View Suite: Offering panoramic views of the ocean, this suite features a spacious bedroom, a living area, and a mini kitchen. The private balcony is the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset.

10. Saipan World Resort

Last but not least, Saipan World Resort in Susupe offers a variety of recreational activities and facilities, including a private beach, a water park, and tennis courts. It’s the perfect place for a fun-filled vacation.

Saipan World Resort’s rooms are designed to offer comfort and luxury. With four unique dining options on site, you can embark on a culinary journey around the world without leaving the resort.


  • Presidential Suite: This top-tier suite comes with a master bedroom, a separate living room, a dining area, and a kitchen. The suite’s balcony offers spectacular views of the resort’s landscape and the ocean beyond.

Final Words

I hope you found this guide helpful. As you plan your trip to the Northern Mariana Islands, remember that each resort has its own unique charm. So whether you’re seeking luxury, relaxation, adventure, or a blend of all three, there’s a resort waiting for you on these beautiful islands. Safe travels!